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Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents - Jamie Overley

Ep 74: Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents – Jamie Overley


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When selling to your prospects and customers, do you ever get tired of answering the same exact questions over and over again?  

Are you ever bored by the sound of your own voice, endlessly running through the same talking points, addressing the same concerns, constantly explaining the same process sometime multiple times a day?

What if you could replicate yourself for those conversations? 

You’d both save yourself some time AND you could talk to all the potential clients you’re struggling to get to right now.

Well, guess what. You can. Kind of.

We live in an age where you can create a piece of sales collateral and it will continue to sell long after you’ve created it.

Yet, there’s a lot of testing that goes into WHAT to create.

In this episode, Jamie Overley of Boulder Land Design shares the 4 pieces of sales collateral that she has found are the most effective in getting the sale, and then driving reviews and referrals after the project is complete.

Oh, and she has been booked out over a year for the last 3 years PLUS continued to raise her prices, so something is working.

Learn how this former marketing exec is sailing past the competition with her easy to replicate 4 part process. 

Episode Highlights:

  • What consumer habits have evolved into and how to play to the change in behaviour in 2022
  • How to make sure that the customer gets the right sales message every time no matter who they talked to
  • The red flags that tell you you are doing a poor job communicating your brand
  • 4 examples of easy sales collateral that you can create and the details that go into each piece
  • Why you should build a ‘post project’ package and what goes into it to drive referrals and reviews
  • Tips for managing a huge backlog of inquires when your sales collateral works too well
Igor Trninic

Igor Trninic

Igor moved to Canada at a young age, where he learned the value of hard work as he watched his family rebuild a thriving life in a new world with extreme change. Most of Igor’s early learning came from competitive sports, where he learned how to hustle and lead. This learning transferred well to business, when he started running a College Pro Painters franchise at 18 and quickly grew it to one of the top franchises in Canada. After finishing an honours degree in Accounting and HR at the SFU Beedie School of Business, he decided to leave the dull world of numbers and followed his passion of developing people and businesses. He fell in love with leading great people and growing companies to their potential.

Working at College Pro as a General Manager for the franchisor, he tripled the revenue of his division in three years by hiring and leading great managers. Here, Igor saw the power of combining amazing people with strong systems to drive scalability. After College Pro, he chose to test these principles on a new venture with the launch of Shack Shine, and together with the guidance of a highly experienced trades entrepreneur, they grew the company to a full scale franchisor within a year and a half. Shack Shine was eventually acquired by 1-800-GOT-JUNK to be scaled across North America and Igor launched the Breakthrough Academy to guide trades and home service entrepreneurs grow their businesses through proven principles. Igor has a passion and true care for developing people and their businesses, which has formed the foundation of Breakthrough Academy. His work in developing BTA has recently been highlighted in Igor’s Top 30 Under 30 selection by BC Business Magazine.

Igor resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and loves to take on all the adventure that BC can offer. From hunting to skiing to downhill mountain biking, any outdoor adventure is up his alley.

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Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents - Jamie Overley
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Ep 74: Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents - Jamie Overley
Articles, Latest Content, Podcasts, Videos
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