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Goal Setting


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Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents - Jamie Overley

Ep 74: Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents – Jamie Overley

When selling to your prospects and customers, do you ever get tired of answering the same exact questions over and over again?

Are you ever bored by the sound of your own voice, endlessly running through the same talking points, addressing the same concerns, constantly explaining the same process sometime multiple times a day?

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Ep 73: Is Better Financial Tracking The Secret To Scaling? Case Study – Cooper and Janelle Leary

If you’ve ever felt like your profit should be increasing with your revenue, you’re not alone.

If revenue goes up…profit goes up. Right? It’s simple math. It should work like that.

You think if you just work a little harder, push a little more…POOF… you’ll magically crest revenue hill. Economies of scale will kick in and all of the sudden you’ll have the kind profit you’ve always wanted.

But it doesn’t work like that.

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EP 62: “Bags On” Carpenter to 380M in Real Estate in Just Over a Decade: Case Study – Barrett Johnston

Just 13 years ago, Barrett was working as a bags-on carpenter fresh out of school. 

Since then, he has not only built an extremely successful construction company but has also become a full-blown multi-family developer. 

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EP 61: Supercharge Your Business By Buying Another: A Strategy Worth Exploring – Jason Paris

You may have, at some point, pondered the idea of supercharging your growth by buying another business.

Entrepreneurs naturally see opportunity all around them – owners that don’t know what they’re doing, older guys trying to get out, young untapped potential rising up.

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EP 60: Geographic Expansion: How To Grow From A Single Location To Three – Kory Ballard

If you have ever wondered what it takes to expand into a new market, begin operations in a new city, or even a new state, this episode is a must-listen. Our guest for this episode is Kory Ballard, founder of Perficut Site Management.

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EP 59: Prepping For a Downturn: 4 Things to Do If This Market Makes You Nervous – Benji & Igor

As we say all the time on the Contractor Evolution show, business is a game you have to play for the long run.

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EP 58: Husband and Wife Team Doubles Revenue in One Year: Case Study – Channell & Curtis Murray

Today’s Episode is a case study with Curtis and Channell Murray of 180 Kitchens: A kitchen cabinet refacing business based in Vancouver BC. Listen carefully now okay? In one short year, they accomplished the following

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EP 52: Are you a Dreamer with Ideas or a Visionary with Traction? – Luke Hansen

In this week’s episode of Contractor Evolution I sat down with a guest we’ve been trying to pin down for awhile, Luke Hansen.

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personal-life-planning-that-drives-business-strategy- blaise-mcdonald

EP 48: Personal Life Planning that Drives Business Strategy – Blaise McDonald

While business tactics, skills and systems make up a big part of our discussions on the show, we’d be remiss to not also talk about the importance of having a balanced life outside the walls of your business.

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Ep 30: Part 2: Where Did All The Good Talent Go? – Recruiting Roundtable with the BTA Coaches

Here are 6 things you can do right now to attract talent to your contracting company.

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Ep 28: Accountability: Are Your People Doing What You Pay Them To Do? – Dave Stephens

In this episode we cover Goal Setting and Review, or GSR for short. This is a leadership tool that allows you to see whether your team is fulfilling their deliverables – and if not, what course corrections are required

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Ep 25: The Power Of Grit: Going From 0 To An 8 Figure Contracting Company -Kim Larson

If you’re thinking of throwing in the towel, if the people around you are doubting your abilities to become a construction leader, then this might be the episode for you. Kim Larson of All Elements Design spent 15 years hustling 7 days a week before her dogged determination paid off. However, that same determination is what allowed her to scale her business from 1-10 M a year.

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