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Contractor Evolution - Matt Jones

EP 67: The Case for Content Marketing (Even If You Have Too Many Leads Already) – Matt Jones

“Create Content” is such an easy thing for some marketing guru to tell you to do.

But those people are the same A-holes that sit in front of a screen all day and have no realistic clue what goes into running the average contracting company.

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EP 63: Master Your Sales To Production Hand Off: Less Finger Pointing, More Referrals – Paul Atherton

Sales handoff is one of the most critical links in the overall chain that is your business’s workflow.

Get this right and producing the job you sold can, believe it or not, go off without a hitch.

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EP 62: “Bags On” Carpenter to 380M in Real Estate in Just Over a Decade: Case Study – Barrett Johnston

Just 13 years ago, Barrett was working as a bags-on carpenter fresh out of school. 

Since then, he has not only built an extremely successful construction company but has also become a full-blown multi-family developer. 

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Ep 38: Proposals That Sell Themselves; The Easiest Way To Boost Your Closing Ratio – Ryan Shantz (Sumo Quote)

Think about the huge volume of sales opportunities you try to tap every season: if you could land even one more job out of every 10 proposals, chances are it would have a massive impact on your revenue, right?

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Ep 34: How Tech Will Change The Contracting Game Over The Next Ten Years – Piers Dormeyer

Tech has changed a lot in contracting in the last 10 years, and it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. This episode will help you decide what tech you should be using in your business and how to approach tech and software in the next decade.

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Ep 27: Stop Lighting Money On Fire With Your Digital Marketing – Marc Levesque

Want to know how to filter out the great marketers from the shitty ones? This episode will give you the key questions to ask, as well as what you need to do BEFORE you talk to a marketing agency so you see great ROI when you get the ball rolling.

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Ep 12: Sell More Jobs In Less Time By Making These 3 Shifts – Ryan Groth

It just doesn’t add up: Your service is rated 5* excellent, your work is exceptional. . . but you keep losing those dream jobs to the competitor.

What’s up with that?

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Unicorn Hunting: Secrets To Attracting And Building A Powerhouse Sales Team

Ep 8: Unicorn Hunting: Secrets To Attracting And Building A Powerhouse Sales Team – Mason Marquis and Jesse Kreisman

Relinquishing the duty of sales to build your team is a nerve-wracking but necessary pivoting point in any entrepreneur’s career – with Mason Marquis, Owner at Spray Tex Painting, and Jesse Kreisman, Vice President at Alco Products Inc.

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EP 7: Become A Master Implementer, Step Out Of The Day-To-Day – Jason Hoke

How Jason Hoke turned a small mowing business into a 10,000 jobs a year landscaping company that allowed him to step out of the daily operations (without going grey)

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[WEBINAR] Scaling to 8 Figures & Beyond- 3 Contractors Share Marketing & Sales Secrets Behind Their Rapid Growth

[Roundtable] Scaling to 8 Figures & Beyond: 3 Contractors Share Marketing & Sales Secrets Behind Their Rapid Growth

Learn how 3 contractors have nailed their marketing & sales processes to increase lead volume, sell more jobs, and scale profits with more predictability and less stress.

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How 3 Contractors Are Winning with Remote Sales Teams

[ROUNDTABLE] How 3 Contractors Are Winning with Remote Sales Teams

Learn how 3 contractors figured out how to win at sales, even in the face of a pandemic.

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It's Time to Get Out of the Day-to-Day

If you are a 7 figure contractor who has a vision to scale to 8 figures without adding more stress, then learn how to replace yourself with this proven management system..

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Welcome to Contractor Evolution, a show created for high-performing contractors that are focused on scaling up, working less and increasing profitability.

While a lot of other shows focus on early stage growth challenges, we focus on real life scenarios faced by contractors that are scaling at a rapid rate, and how they keep everything dialed in without losing sight of work/life balance.

If you’re ready to evolve from a contractor into a better business owner, you’re in the right place.

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