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Contractor Evolution Show

EP 60: Geographic Expansion: How To Grow From A Single Location To Three – Kory Ballard

If you have ever wondered what it takes to expand into a new market, begin operations in a new city, or even a new state, this episode is a must-listen. Our guest for this episode is Kory Ballard, founder of Perficut Site Management.

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EP 59: Prepping For a Downturn: 4 Things to Do If This Market Makes You Nervous – Benji & Igor

As we say all the time on the Contractor Evolution show, business is a game you have to play for the long run.

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EP 58: Husband and Wife Team Doubles Revenue in One Year: Case Study – Channell & Curtis Murray

Today’s Episode is a case study with Curtis and Channell Murray of 180 Kitchens: A kitchen cabinet refacing business based in Vancouver BC. Listen carefully now okay? In one short year, they accomplished the following

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EP 57: Listener Q&A: Recruiting & Hiring – Benji & Igor

About 2 months ago we put on our first digital Contractor Evolution Summit where we focused on recruiting and hiring.

We had so many questions during the live event that we couldn’t get to them all so here are an additional 9 questions that were too good not to respond to.

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EP 56: Solve Your People Problem with “New School” Hiring Tactics – Brett Farrington

When it comes to solving business problems there will always be hundreds of theoretical or formulaic sounding answers floating around out there.

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EP 55: How to Implement a CRM Without Giving Yourself a Migraine – Ben Hodson

Technology and software are supposed to make your business life simpler and more efficient.  So why do most entrepreneurs talk about the adoption period like veterans talk about the war or mothers talk about childbirth?  

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EP 54: Breed Infectious Performance Culture With Better Team Events – Benji & Igor

The interconnectivity of the individuals on your team is a huge predictor of success.  

When people know and trust each other they’re more likely to collaborate together on important work, they’re more likely to be honest with each other when it counts, and your business will be better for it. 

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EP 53: Construction Law Fundamentals: 5 Ways to Keep Your Butt Out Of Hot Water – Trent Cotney

All ventures, big and small, face some form of legal risk and whether you realize it or not, the business of contracting is on the riskier end of the spectrum.

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EP 52: Are you a Dreamer with Ideas or a Visionary with Traction? – Luke Hansen

In this week’s episode of Contractor Evolution I sat down with a guest we’ve been trying to pin down for awhile, Luke Hansen.

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EP 51: Get Things To Go Your Way With Active Listening – Benji Carlson

There is one skill out there that very few people engage in, but when executed well leads to stronger social connections, increases your ability to problem solve, makes you a more interesting person, builds trust, and increases your effectiveness as a leader.

That skill is active listening.

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EP 50: Immigration and Foreign Worker Programs: Tapping Into The International Talent Pool – Brooke Finlay

Have you ever considered bringing in skilled workers from abroad?

Think about it… you as an entrepreneur can’t find the people you need at home, so the next logical step is to seek help elsewhere. If overcoming the labour shortage and growing your business is something you care about, immigration and foreign worker programs are things you NEED to consider.  And the sooner, the better.

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EP49: Critical Conversations: How to Have Those Tough Conversations You’d Rather Avoid – Benji & Igor

The Los Angeles Rams have on the wall of their locker room a mantra.  That mantra is, “The standard is the standard.”

It serves as a reminder to the team that the standard is non-negotiable. Excellence is self-evident, and it is always the goal.  No if’s and’s or but’s. 

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