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Contractor Evolution Show

Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents - Jamie Overley

Ep 74: Build A Long Client Waitlist Using These 4 Sales Documents – Jamie Overley

When selling to your prospects and customers, do you ever get tired of answering the same exact questions over and over again?

Are you ever bored by the sound of your own voice, endlessly running through the same talking points, addressing the same concerns, constantly explaining the same process sometime multiple times a day?

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Ep 73: Is Better Financial Tracking The Secret To Scaling? Case Study – Cooper and Janelle Leary

If you’ve ever felt like your profit should be increasing with your revenue, you’re not alone.

If revenue goes up…profit goes up. Right? It’s simple math. It should work like that.

You think if you just work a little harder, push a little more…POOF… you’ll magically crest revenue hill. Economies of scale will kick in and all of the sudden you’ll have the kind profit you’ve always wanted.

But it doesn’t work like that.

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EP 72: The End Of Resumes And Job Boards – Jody Underhill

As a millennial myself I take a small amount of personal offence whenever I hear frustrated contractors verbally bash my entire generation (or young people broadly speaking) for their supposed lack of work ethic, chronic ADD, and apparent disinterest in construction and trades.

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EP 71: 19 Hilariously Accurate Client Red Flags – Benji Carlson

Nothing in the world of contracting sucks the life out of you or your team like a miserable client. A sorry SOB whose apparent mission in life is to ruin yours. It almost seems they take pleasure in the process.

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EP 70: Mental Fitness: Stop Sabotaging Your Performance – Fyfe Barraclough

If you roll into a multi-day hike with tons of vertical and a 50-pound pack after 6 months on the couch eating Doritos, chances are you’re probably not going to have the best time.

But what about if you’re asking a lot of your mind?

How many stressful situations do you encounter in your business in a single day?

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EP 69: From 400k To 10M+ in 4 Years: Case Study – Anthony Langdon

On this episode of Contractor Evolution we’ve brought in Anthony Langdon of Asset Roofing in Seattle WA. It wasn’t too long ago that Anthony’s business hit a ceiling because he was always stuck on the roof. No pun intended.

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EP 68: Three Profit Killers And How To Avoid Them – Benji & Igor

Your business is a “For-Profit Entity”.

Profits are a slippery business though.

Sometimes it can feel like what you made on paper and what is in your bank account don’t quite line up.

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Contractor Evolution - Matt Jones

EP 67: The Case for Content Marketing (Even If You Have Too Many Leads Already) – Matt Jones

“Create Content” is such an easy thing for some marketing guru to tell you to do.

But those people are the same A-holes that sit in front of a screen all day and have no realistic clue what goes into running the average contracting company.

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EP 66: What We’re Reading In 2022 – Benji Carlson

As you might have guessed by the title, we’re talking about books in this episode of Contractor Evolution. Why? Because someone way smarter than you has devoted DECADES of their life mastering a principle that will significantly impact you in a positive way.

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EP 65: The Antidote For Imposter Syndrome And Self Doubt – Benji Carlson

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

In certain situations do you ever feel like you are one minor mistake, one missed detail away from being found out by everyone as a phony?

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EP 64: Thinking Lean: Eliminate Waste Through Continuous Improvement – Paul Akers

The average American worker (across industries) outputs about $150/hour worth of value a day.

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EP 63: Master Your Sales To Production Hand Off: Less Finger Pointing, More Referrals – Paul Atherton

Sales handoff is one of the most critical links in the overall chain that is your business’s workflow.

Get this right and producing the job you sold can, believe it or not, go off without a hitch.

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